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Hair Extensions

Salon Reyna genuinely cares about the integrity of your hair. Therefore, we have made the decision to stop providing hair extensions. Why? Most guests who want extensions usually have thin, fine, fragile hair to begin with, and need to keep what they have strong and healthy.

Why are extensions so damaging to hair?

  • They are bonded with glues, tapes, beads, or are sewn into very tight braids, all of which put stress on natural hair and cause breakage, especially when being removed.
  • Every 6-8 weeks extensions need to be removed, and adjusted. Hair loss and breakage will depend on how long you leave extensions in. Your hair is most stressed at this time and hair comes out with the adhesives.

Although we had an expert hair augmentation specialist in the past, we witnessed the damage first hand and made the decision to find an alternative solution that would help clients achieve fuller, thicker, longer hair without damage.

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