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My Health Coach Story

Lori Reyna

April of 2020 I was preparing to be on a panel for a women's conference. My panel topic was Health and Beauty I was asked to cover Beauty and my panel mate Amy who is a Health Coach was going to cover health and nutrition. Amy shared what she did and I immediately said I need your help! At the time my weight was skyrocketing, I was almost 200 lbs. I was under a lot of stress preparing our home of over 30 years to be sold, my business was shut down due to covid for who knows how long and I was using food and wine to cope. I knew if I wanted to enjoy my golden years, travel, and do all the things I had worked all my life so hard for I needed to get my health in check. Amy started me on my health journey tackling the weight first with a very simple easy to follow nutrition plan that resulted in losing 10 lbs. a month. After the 1st week, I felt energized, I did not feel hungry or deprived

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